Student Permanent Residence

Student Permanent Residence

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Student Permanent Residence

If you wish to settle permanently in Québec after your studies, you may be eligible to apply while in Québec up to 12 months before graduation. You must:

  • have a valid study permit and, where applicable, a CAQ for studies

  • comply with the conditions of your study permit and your CAQ for studies

  • demonstrate, with supporting documents, that studying has been your principal activity

Requirements for permanent workers:

  • you have acquired training and occupational skills that will lead you to a job in Quebec

  • adequate knowledge of French

  • if necessary, take courses or acquire more experience to upgrade your occupational or language skills

Once you receive your CSQ, you must apply for a permanent resident visa to the Canadian visa office in Buffalo, in the United States, or to the Canadian visa office covering your country of legal residence or a country where you can legally reside during the entire immigration process.

At this stage, fees will be charged by the Government of Canada.

When you have passed the required medical examination and security checks, the Government of Canada will issue your immigration visa. You must then leave Canada and present this visa at a point of entry (border crossing, airport) to be admitted as a permanent resident.