Work Permit Process

Our Step-by-Step Process for Immigration and Employment in Canada

Canada admits about 100,000 people a year on Work Permits of various kinds. If you want to work here you will likely need a job offer, a Labour Market Opinion from HRSDC as well as a Work Permit. To obtain your permit and secure permanent residence, we have developed a systematic process to help you land a job in Canada:

The Step-by-Step Process

  1. Call for a free consultation.
  2. Bring your resume, reference letters, degrees, diplomas, and certifications.
  3. We’ll explain the fees and you chose a service
  4. We collect copies of your
  5. We write/edit your
  6. When an employer is interested in you we notify you. If you are interested in the job we set up a telephone interview with an Employment Specialist to prepare you for the interview with the prospective
  7. You call the Employment Specialist in Canada who will answer all your questions about the job, salary and other
  8. If required, you will be interviewed on the phone by the
  9. If you are selected by the employer, we help the employer prepare and provide a written job offer then present it to
  10. If you accept the job, sign the offer and send it
  11. You sign an agreement with us to prepare your Work Permit and help you relocate and settle in Canada – possibly for your permanent
  12. Once we receive the agreements the employer files an application for a Labour Market Opinion with Service Canada (HRSDC) which can take 2 -16 weeks to
  13. Concurrently, we will help you apply for a Work
  14. We provide you with a document checklist and Work Permit Application Form along with the Authorization appointing us as your legal
  15. We advise you if occupational licensing or certification is required. If necessary we help you prepare these
  16. You send us scanned copies of the documents as well as an electronic version of the Work Permit Application which we review and amend as
  17. We prepare a cover letter to attach to
  18. The Work Permit application is submitted to the appropriate Canadian Visa Post (in person or by courier). The application includes the cover letter, application forms, supporting documents, counsel authorization, and processing fees (usually paid in person or by Money Order to the Receiver General for
  19. Candidates from “visa exempt countries” and who do not require a medical examination may be able to apply at a Port-of-
  20. Medical examinations are required for Candidates: i) coming for more than six months and have spent more than six months in the past year in a Designated Country; or ii) are working in an occupation where health may be an issue (i.e. healthcare or cooks). Note that only “designated doctors” can perform these medical exams. Usually, they perform the exam only if the medical form is provided and issued by the Visa Post. (However, some doctors who have the medical forms will perform the exam at any time.) We will provide you with a list of Designated Doctors in your area. Medical tests are sent to a Canadian Health Centre which analyzes and approves the tests, usually within 1-2
  21. You may be requested to attend a personal interview. We’ll prepare you
  22. Once you receive your approval for both a Work Permit and Visitor’s Visa we’ll make final arrangements with your employer for your
  23. We make arrangements for your temporary accommodations in
  24. When you arrive in Canada the Work Permit is
  25. We help you arrange for temporary insurance for the first three months here or until the provincial healthcare system covers you – which may be
  26. Once you’re working in Canada we start to make arrangements for your permanent
  27. Once you’re working in Canada we start to make arrangements for your permanent residence.