Yukon Nominee Program (YNP)

Yukon Nominee Program (YNP)

The YNP operates two programs: Skilled Worker/Critical Impact, and Business:

Business Program

Designed to attract business expertise and investment capital to the Yukon Territory. This program has two components: Entrepreneur and Self-Employed.

Entrepreneurs For those planning to invest and immigrate to the Yukon. Priority industries include: information technology, manufacturing, value-added processing, forestry, tourism, energy, culture, film and video production. Retail as a stand-alone operation is not a priority sector. However, business projects in this sector will be considered if they involve a product that is new to the Yukon or if the product would generate significant Yukon benefits (i.e. merchandising and food and beverage services/restaurants).

A business plan is required for a new startup or the purchase of an existing business. It could also involve investment as an active management partner in an existing business. The plan must clearly detail the incremental benefits that will accrue to Yukon.


  • The applicant must invest a minimum of C$150,000 equity into starting or buying a business in Yukon.

  • The applicant must have a personal net worth of at least C$250,000.

  • Have a reasonable knowledge and understanding of Yukon and its economy.

  • Reasonable communication skills.

  • Necessary experience and education to implement the business plan.

Self-Employed: For professionals who can provide a service that is in demand in Yukon by establishing business outlets or professional practices.


  • The profession must be considered a professional skill shortage

  • The applicant must satisfy any certification or accreditation requirements

  • Be licensed/accepted by the body governing the profession, if any.

  • Reasonable communication skills

  • Reasonable knowledge and understanding of Yukon and its economy

  • Sufficient financial resources to start and operate the business, and support themselves and any dependents for six (6) months

  • Submit a detailed business plan

Skilled Worker /Critical Impact Worker

This employer-driven program is designed to attract individuals who can alleviate the shortage of skilled workers in the Territory who cannot be found within the territorial or national labour market.

General Process

The application form for the Skilled Worker Program and Critical Impact Worker Program must be completed and submitted by the potential employer and the nominee to the Advanced Education Branch.

Approved nominees will be nominated for permanent residency and, if needed, a letter of recommendation for use by the nominee to obtain a temporary Work Permit to facilitate temporary entry to Canada while the permanent residency processing takes place.

Processing Time Government of Yukon processing time for Skilled Worker / Critical Impact Worker Nominees takes six (6) weeks from receipt of a completed application.

Following Yukon Nominee Program processing, the applicant and accompanying family members must satisfy Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) clearance requirements for medical, security, criminal and visa authorization in order to work and live in Canada. The CIC process is separate from the Yukon Nominee Program process and will take additional time to complete.