Newfoundland Provincial Nominee Program

Newfoundland PNP for investors, skilled workers and family

The Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Nominee Program (NLPNP) recruits immigrants who have specialized occupational or entrepreneurial skills, and can contribute to the economic and social goals of the province for permanent resident status.

Occupational / Skilled Worker

Intended for those who have specialized skills that are essential to a Newfoundland employer who otherwise cannot fill this job. The applicant must have an offer of paid employment at prevailing market rates, and may be required to visit Newfoundland for a pre-employment interview with the employer and the Office of Immigration and Multiculturalism, Department of Human Resources, Labour and Employment. Applicants already in the province on a Work Permit may be interviewed before submitting an application. The applicant will also be required to meet with department officials within 14 days after landing. In most cases, the applicant must first meet provincial credentials standards and/or professional licensing requirements.

In some circumstances an employer may arrange for the applicant a temporary work permit to determine whether their family can settle successfully in Newfoundland. (Note: This does not guarantee an NLPNP certificate.)

The employer must prove that the applicant’s skills could not have been met locally and/or that the position was extremely difficult to fill. Applicants currently working in the province on a Work Permit will be required to have been in the province six (6) months before applying.

Immigrant Entrepreneur Category

Apply here if the applicant intends to establish a new business or purchase all (or part) of an existing business with chances to expand in Newfoundland. The applicant must be self-employed in that business.


  • eligible business, especially one with prospects for expansion or identified on the strategic sector list (i.e. biotechnology, oil, mining, healthcare, tourism); ineligible sectors include retail and wholesale operations, financial services, and real estate and construction

  • if required, professional credentials or licences appropriate to the applicant’s business

  • a minimum five (5) years of senior management or direct entrepreneurial experience in a business similar to the one proposed; the applicant must provide CV, letters of recommendation, financial statements and other documents to support this

  • a minimum net worth of C$450,000, including minimum liquid assets of C$350,000, including: cash, demand deposits with a financial institution, term deposits, tax shelters convertible to cash, and publicly traded stocks and bonds

  • if the applicant is investing in a new or (expanding) existing business, the applicant must make a minimum direct investment of C$200,000

  • sign a Performance Agreement that sets out the terms and conditions of the applicant’s investment

  • make, at the applicant’s own expense, at least one exploratory visit to Newfoundland; the NLPNP encourages all prospective immigrant entrepreneurs to do as much in-depth research on Newfoundland and Labrador, the business community, and investment prospects before visiting

  • submit a detailed business plan outlining how the new enterprise will be successfully established

Family Connections Category

This category is for immigrant families living in Newfoundland and Labrador who want to help their overseas family members relocate and work in the province. The “Sponsor” (family member) must’ve been living here for at least one (1) year, and help the applicant(s) during the immigration process and after they arrive. Dependent children, spouses, common-law partners, parents and grandparents are not eligible. (Instead, they need to apply under the Citizenship and Immigration (CIC) Family Class.)


  • be between 18- and 49-years-old

  • present a signed Affidavit of Support from one or more family members

  • have a family member (Sponsor) who will provide settlement assistance

  • completed post-secondary education, training, or apprenticeship of at least one year resulting in a diploma, a certificate or a degree

  • at least one year of related work experience

  • adequate English language ability to do the applicant’s job or enough to find a job (in the applicant’s field of education or training)

  • have (or intend to find) a full-time, permanent job offer from a Newfoundland employer

  • have enough money to live in the province for a short time without work after arrival (C$10,000 for the applicant and C$2,000 for each accompanying family member)

  • intend to reside in Newfoundland

International Graduate Category

International students, who have graduated from a recognized post-secondary educational institution in Canada, can apply to the NLPNP for permanent residence. Applicants must have a full-time job offer from a Newfoundland employer in the applicant’s field of study or be working here for at least six (6) months and likely continuing to.


  • completed at least half of their studies in Canada, and graduated from an eligible publicly funded Canadian college or university

  • completed a minimum of a two-year diploma or degree program, while studying on a full-time basis; one-year post-graduate degree programs are also eligible

  • have a full-time job offer in their field of study, or a related field of study, from a Newfoundland and Labrador employer or be “attached” to the labour market (i.e. extension of a temporary full-time job)

  • applying within two (2) years after the applicant received the applicant’s degree or diploma

  • have legal status in Canada, essentially a Citizenship and Immigration Canada Post-Graduate Work Permit

  • have the qualifications, training, skills, and accreditation required for the job

  • demonstrate the intention and ability to settle permanently in Newfoundland

  • have a job (or job offer) that relates to the applicant’s education and skill levels

  • the applicant’s job (or job offer) has a salary and benefits package that meets provincial employment standards and prevailing wage rates

  • have sufficient funds to establish the applicant and any dependents

  • sufficient English or French language skills to work