New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program

New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program

New Brunswick seeks qualified immigrants to fill labour shortages, or create employment and business opportunities.

New Brunswick seeks qualified immigrants to fill labour shortages, or create employment and business opportunities. Applicants must have a guaranteed job offer in their intended occupation or an approved plan to do business in New Brunswick.

Job Offer Applicants

The applicant must have a permanent, full-time job offer from an established New Brunswick company that’s having difficulty finding a local worker. The job must meet provincial employment standards and offer comparable industry rates of pay. The applicant must sign a declaration stating the applicant’s intention to live and work in this province, and score at least 50 points in the Self-Assessment Guide. Preference is given to applicants who can fill a skills shortage in New Brunswick.

If the applicant scores at least 50 points, he/she should searching for a job, since finding and negotiating a job offer is the applicant’s responsibility. Once the applicant has a guaranteed job offer from a New Brunswick employer, the application will be considered.

Assess the applicant’s credentials/qualifications In Canada, 20% of occupations are regulated to protect the health and safety of Canadians (e.g. nurses, engineers, electricians, etc.). People who want to work in regulated occupations need to obtain a license from a provincial regulatory body. Licensing requirements often include education from a recognized school, Canadian work experience and completion of a technical exam. Fees for exams can be costly and are the responsibility of the applicant. Final assessment by the provincial authority can only be done after the applicant is in Canada with permanent residence status.

Business Plan applicants

To apply the applicant must have:

  • previous management experience with proven success as a senior executive and/or business owner;

  • business skills that are relevant to the business the applicant intend to pursue in New Brunswick;

  • sufficient funds to finance the first phase of the planned business venture without third-party assistance and to support the applicant’s family for up to two (2) years

  • an active managerial role in the applicant’s business.

We expect the applicant to have a basic knowledge of English and/or French so they’re able to answer questions in the interview with New Brunswick officials. If we deem that the applicant doesn’t have sufficient knowledge of the language, they will be required to take intensive language training and participate in a second interview prior to nomination.

A New Brunswick Program Officer will review the applicant’s preliminary evaluation and documentation. If the applicant meets the requirements, they will be given an interview date in New Brunswick. Here, the applicant will have to demonstrate knowledge of their business. Applicants should expect to spend at least five (5) full business days in New Brunswick prior to their interview to:

  • research the business environment

  • consult with economic development agencies

  • identify opportunities related to the applicant’s field of expertise

  • explore education, housing and community facilities

Following a positive interview, the applicant will need to submit a business plan detailing the business idea(s) developed during the applicant’s visit to New Brunswick including: description of business (start-up, purchase, partnership, etc.) products and/or services, customers, responsibilities, relevant experience, a market overview, competition, location of the business and related costs.


New graduates should work for a year in New Brunswick before they submit their application. Requirements:

  • The job offer must be from an established New Brunswick company;

  • Employment is permanent and full-time (training, internship or apprenticeship positions that terminate on a specific date will NOT be considered);

  • Employment in the intended occupation is directly related to the applicant’s education, training and experience;

  • The job must meet provincial employment standards and offer comparable industry rates of pay;

  • In most cases, the skills offered by the potential immigrant are not readily available in New Brunswick and employers must demonstrate that they are having difficulty finding these skills in the local job market;

  • If provincial licensing or accreditation is a condition of employment, the applicant must prove his or her eligibility to work in that occupation in New Brunswick;


There is no fee for applying (but the applicant will have to pay the Government of Canada Application Processing Fee and Right of Permanent Residence Fee).

Also, there is no application deadline. However, graduates from a post-secondary institution in New Brunswick, should work a full year before applying to the PNP. Meanwhile, those who have a refugee claim cannot apply